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Driver Windows / Driver Mac

We add a new function to the new model 680TF, which is different from other types. It's with a built-in Card Reader. Using a MircoSD Card makes it more convenient for you to save your artwork and take along with you to anyhere. And the volum can be extended to Maximum 64GB.

With 5080 lines per inch (LPI) drawing resolution, 220 RPS report rate, and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, the Huion 680TF can help you accomplish the most sophisticated computer-aided designing, drawing and writing tasks accurately and quickly.

The 680TF accompanied with a rechargeable pen which delivers all digital pens' functions like a real drawing pen for paper or a wireless mouse for PC. Moreover, it can be recharged with only 1 hour, then you can enjoy 800 hours of continuous use. The light weight and slimmer body makes your work more smooth and easier.

With the USB Interface and our enclosed CD, you just need a Mac/Windows pc, then you can install the driver easily by just following the instruction step by step.

What's in the box:

A. Graphic tablet(with usb cable)
B. Rechargeable pen

C. Pen Stand (4 Pen tip inside)
D. Driver CD (User Manual inside)

E.User Manual 

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