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Rechargeable pen P80


Rechargeable pen which delivers all digital pens' functions like a real drawing pen for paper or a wireless mouse for PC. Moreover, it can be recharged with only 1 hour, then you can enjoy 800 hours of continuous use. The light weight and slimmer body makes your work smoother and easier. Reported 100% compatible.

UC-Logic / Lapazz WP8060/PF1209/Artistic Tablet 5540
Trust 16486/16447/15356/15357 (TB-6300) Sketch Design Tablet 
MonoPrice 8x6/4x3 Monoprice / Pickle 10x6.25
Medion / Tevion MD 41217
Manhattan 8"x6"/3"x4"
Iball Pen Tablet 8060U/5540U/4030U/PF1209
Genius PenSketch 9x12/MousePen 8x6/WizardPen 5x4/G-Pen 450 & 4500/EasyPen 340/i405
DigiPro WP8060/WP5540
Aiptek HyperPen 10000U
Adesso CyberTablet Z7/12000/CT-12000A
Not compatible with Wacom Graphics Tablets

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